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At meez we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you work in kitchens around the world, and we need your help. If you have ideas about how we can improve our platform, add new functionality, or solve challenges that you face in the kitchen, we'd love to hear from you. Please submit your idea(s) below for our product team to consider with future releases.

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The ability to print photos allocated to each corresponding step in a recipe.

When I print I will only be able to print the header image but not the subsequent images in the actual step x steps.
Clifford Hunt 3 months ago in  0 Accepted

SubRecipe Scaling

When a recipe is scaled up or down, of course any included sub recipes should be scaled up or down proportionately automatically and also be editable because sometimes scale up or downs require tiny alchemy adjustments
Mike Marriage 4 months ago in Recipes 0 Accepted

Can we have recipe books nested within recipe books?

For organizational purposes, having the ability to add recipe books to other recipe books would be very helpful.
Guest 4 months ago in  0 Accepted

Setting a threshold per recipe that can alert a user if food costs goes above X

An email/notification would be sent to admin and/or editor when food cost goes above X%
sergio Hernandez 3 months ago in  0 Accepted

Users would like to select their currency instead of seeing the $$ signs on the costing tab

Users in other countries frequently ask to be able to select their currency, instead of seeing the $ on their costing tab.
Guest 4 months ago in  0 Accepted

clone all prep actions from one ingredient to another

When creating new ingredients that are very similar to system ingredients, it would be very helpful if we could import all the prep actions from another ingredient to save time creating all new prep actions.
Gabe Ross 4 months ago in Ingredients 0 Accepted

The ability to turn an ingredient into a sub-recipe wherever it lives in an account or concept.

Right now the functionality of converting an ingredient into a recipe only applies to the ingredient in the recipe you are editing. What I am proposing is that we create an option to change that ingredient into a sub-recipe everywhere it exists in...
Fintan OHara 4 months ago in Ingredients 0 Accepted

The "Add Ingredient" field should read "Add ingredient, quantity, and unit of measure here" instead of "1cup onion sliced"

The other fields say "Add Prep Step" here and "Add Notes," so for consistency, the "Add Ingredient" field should have instructions, not an example.
Guest about 1 month ago in  0 Accepted

Scaling a sub-recipe OPTIONAL

An option when you click the drop-down to view a sub recipe that says "Scale to parent recipe?" Often it is NOT necessary to scale the sub recipes, but there are many instances where it is extremely useful, and the savvy meez users know all they h...
sergio Hernandez 3 months ago in  0 Accepted

Assign multiple prep actions to an ingredient

I would like the option to assign more than one prep action to an ingredient, and have meez calculate the yield% based off the % that have been provided for each prep action. For example, I need to create a long list of prep actions for most veget...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0 Accepted