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Provide percentage of ingredients listed per total yield.

We build our recipes in gram weights, then utilize the percentage via the total gram weight of the recipe (so this is not a baker's percentage approach). This approach is standard among dieticians, nutritionists, and food scientists.
Guest 9 months ago in  0 Accepted

Order List export should have vendor information included

The order export should include any vendor information that appears on the ingredient cost page
Doug Bermingham 3 months ago in  0 Accepted

clone all prep actions from one ingredient to another

When creating new ingredients that are very similar to system ingredients, it would be very helpful if we could import all the prep actions from another ingredient to save time creating all new prep actions.
Gabe Ross 11 months ago in Ingredients 0 Accepted

Custom Report: Export Doc that gives all the Vendor IDs that have been mapped to a single ingredient

For each ingredient in the account, there is a record of the Item ID and vendor name. Not necessarily cost tied to it.
Guest 4 months ago in Export / Ingredients 0 Future Consideration

Add a filter for ingredients not connected to Nutrition

the workflow for Nutrition users would be greatly simplified if the ingredients table could be filtered by ingredients without Nutritional info
sergio Hernandez 3 months ago in Ingredients / Nutrition 0 Pushed to Feature

The ability to turn an ingredient into a sub-recipe wherever it lives in an account or concept.

Right now the functionality of converting an ingredient into a recipe only applies to the ingredient in the recipe you are editing. What I am proposing is that we create an option to change that ingredient into a sub-recipe everywhere it exists in...
Fintan OHara 11 months ago in Ingredients 0 Accepted

Show percentage of total recipe cost for each recipe ingredient

Would like to add the % that each ingredient is of the total recipe cost. On the Recipe page -> Cost tab -> ingredient table, currently it shows the cost for the qty of each ingredient in the recipe. This would be a new column: the percent t...
Josh Sharkey about 2 months ago in  0 Pushed to Feature

Shift+click to select multiple consecutive items on table pages.

Currently, we have to individually click the checkboxes on table pages (recipes, ingredients, recipe books, PIT) to select multiple items - or "select all".We should be able to "shift+click" to select multiple consecutive items from the list.
Gabe Ross about 2 months ago in  0 Pushed to Feature

Deemphasize the ingredient detail page warning "This ingredient has not been mapped to an invoice / vendor ID# yet"

The red warning badge to the left of the ingredient name on the ingredient details page (only seen on ingredients without an Item ID#) is larger than other "warning" icons in the app - so it seems like it would be pretty important. When you click ...
Gabe Ross about 2 months ago in Costing / Ingredients 1

"select all" checkbox should select all the items in the list, not just what is loaded into the display window

Table pages (recipes, recipe books, docs, ingredients, new purchase items) show the total number of items on the button, but when you use the "select all" checkbox at the top of the list, only the items loaded into the display window are selected....
Gabe Ross 2 months ago in Docs / Ingredients / Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Future Consideration