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At meez we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you work in kitchens around the world, and we need your help. If you have ideas about how we can improve our platform, add new functionality, or solve challenges that you face in the kitchen, we'd love to hear from you. Please submit your idea(s) below for our product team to consider with future releases.

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Add a filter on the recipe table for location

It would be useful to filter the list of recipes in a concept by location assignment.
Gabe Ross about 2 months ago in Search and Filter 0 Accepted

Include ingredient description and recipe comments in search function

The search function should include more of the places where customers put useful information. The ingredient description field is used to add purchasing info sometimes and the recipe comment feature would be more helpful if it were easier to find ...
Gabe Ross 4 months ago in Enhancement / Ingredients / Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Ingredient cost data should include location specific Vendor Name and Item ID

Currently, accounts with more than one location can only see the Vendor Name and Item ID from one of those locations on an ingredient's cost data - regardless of which location is selected. It is common for different locations to purchase from dif...
Gabe Ross 4 months ago in Costing / Export / Ingredients 1 Accepted

Recipe export broken down by ingredient, supplier, item number, and quantity

an excel spreadsheet export format for each recipe that shows the ingredients used, supplier it's purchased from, item number, and quantity.
Guest 6 months ago in Export / Ingredients / Recipes 0 Accepted

Users should be able to select which of their locations is the Default location for viewing in costing.

Each time a user looks at cost inside an ingredient or recipe, they must change the location from the dropdown menu at the right. There is currently no way to indicate or to change the default location setting.
Sarah Hassler 7 months ago in Costing / Ingredients / Recipes / Security/Ownership 0 Accepted

A language setting so recipes can be shown in multiple languages. Our kitchens are very diverse.

Not everyone speaks or reads English. Also, this would open up the ability to use internationally. Also consider a conversion from imperial to metric.
Guest 5 months ago in  0 Accepted

Setting a threshold per recipe that can alert a user if food costs goes above X

An email/notification would be sent to admin and/or editor when food cost goes above X%
sergio Hernandez 12 months ago in Administration / Costing 0 Accepted

The nutrition panel has a ‘print label’ button where you can print or save as pdf. But no easy ability to save as a picture (we use the nutrition labels on our site). Ideally we’d be able to get a .jpg file of the nutrition label that only has the 8 common allergens

the nutrition panel has a ‘print label’ button where you can print or save as pdf. But no easy ability to save as a picture (we use the nutrition labels on our site). Ideally we’d be able to get a .jpg file of the nutrition label that only has the...
Doug Bermingham 10 months ago in  0 Accepted

Merging of recipes, just like ingredints being able to merge a better or diff version of a recipe

It woudl be a nice feature to have the abliity to merge recipes just like you can with ingredints. Maybe its a new sub / base recipe that you want to push to any existing recipes that it may be in
Ryan Harris 5 months ago in New Functionality / Recipes 0 Accepted

merged ingredients should retain the most recent cost data

Currently, it looks like merging two ingredients that have cost data will keep the cost data from the "surviving" ingredient. If the cost data associated with the "sacrificial" ingredient is more recent, however, it would make sense to apply that ...
Gabe Ross 5 months ago in Costing / Enhancement / Ingredients 0 Accepted