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At meez we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you work in kitchens around the world, and we need your help. If you have ideas about how we can improve our platform, add new functionality, or solve challenges that you face in the kitchen, we'd love to hear from you. Please submit your idea(s) below for our product team to consider with future releases.

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Not require exact matches when searching in UoM ingredient list

Example - entering a new variety of mushroom as an ingredient and want to assign a UoM equivalency. I enter the word "mushroom" in order to see the current list of ingredients to find the best equivalency. All existing ingredients that are labeled...
Guest 10 months ago in  0 Accepted

A user requesting an export should be able to choose what email address the export goes to.

Right now the export features will send the export to the account's email address. However, often times the email addresses are shared, or fake ( and the users don't have access. An improved solution is to give the exporter an o...
Doug Bermingham 10 months ago in Export 0 Accepted

When creating a recipe on the fly (while in another recipe) you should have the ability to select what concept(s) that recipe should belong to.

Right now, when you click "Create Recipe" from inside another recipe (while adding ingredients), it will automatically add it to the mother recipe's concept. It would be an improvement if at that moment it allows you to choose which concepts the s...
Doug Bermingham 7 months ago in New Functionality / Recipes / Security/Ownership 0 Accepted

Have prep actions show up when adding ingredients line by line

It would be nice for the prep actions available for an item to show up as they are being typed in the line, not after you have already selected an item.
Guest 11 months ago in  3 Already exists

Show percentage of total recipe cost for each recipe ingredient

Would like to add the % that each ingredient is of the total recipe cost. On the Recipe page -> Cost tab -> ingredient table, currently it shows the cost for the qty of each ingredient in the recipe. This would be a new column: the percent t...
Josh Sharkey 4 months ago in  0 Accepted

Shift+click to select multiple consecutive items on table pages.

Currently, we have to individually click the checkboxes on table pages (recipes, ingredients, recipe books, PIT) to select multiple items - or "select all".We should be able to "shift+click" to select multiple consecutive items from the list.
Gabe Ross 4 months ago in  0 Accepted

By-Product (Waste) prep action

Would like to be able to assign a prep-action that would allow for usage of a by-product of another ingredient (or sub-recipe, even better). Ex. Watermelon, Rind Only to calculate zero cost.
Sarah Hassler 7 months ago in Costing / Ingredients / Recipes 0 Accepted

An export that gives the meez recipe in a format where chefs can copy the recipe and ingredient amounts and ingredient names to transfer to their team's production sheets.

The export should be in an excel format Our Chef's need the recipe in a format where they can copy the recipe and ingredient amounts, both oz and g amounts, and ingredient names to transfer to their team's production sheets. If these exports could...
Doug Bermingham 8 months ago in Export / Recipes 1 Accepted

"Hero" Photo at the top of the recipe should be a Carousel

Would like to be able to have multiple photos "featured" at the top of the recipe.
Sarah Hassler 8 months ago in Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

The ability to PRINT a recipe with multiple scale batch sizes on a single page

This could print with columns along the left side ofthe page for 1x batch, 2x batch, 3x batch etc. instead of printing a new page for each of these batch size variations
Jen Walls 12 months ago in Printing 0 Accepted