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At meez we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you work in kitchens around the world, and we need your help. If you have ideas about how we can improve our platform, add new functionality, or solve challenges that you face in the kitchen, we'd love to hear from you. Please submit your idea(s) below for our product team to consider with future releases.

Before submitting your feedback, please use the search field to check if a similar idea has already been submitted and vote for the existing idea rather than duplicate the request. More votes equal a higher priority on our product roadmap.

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Assign recipes to multiple stations

If a recipe is used in more that one station, I should be able to assign to as many stations as needed. For example, if both my grill station and my fry station use the same sauce recipe, I want to assign that recipe to both stations. Otherwise, i...
Guest 8 months ago in  0 Pushed to Feature

A user requesting an export should be able to choose what email address the export goes to.

Right now the export features will send the export to the account's email address. However, often times the email addresses are shared, or fake ( and the users don't have access. An improved solution is to give the exporter an o...
Doug Bermingham 9 months ago in  0 Pushed to Feature

Creating a selective OCR functionality for importing photos of recipes into meez.

With this functionality you will be able to take pictures of recipes (cook books, recipe binders, etc) and select sections of the recipe to delegate to different areas of your meez recipe Example: headers, ingredients, prep method... Once these se...
Fintan OHara 5 months ago in New Functionality 0 Future Consideration

The ability to add new "custom" ingredients to an account. (Without the system searching existing ingredients first)

Here is the issue: When adding new ingredients to my account now, I have to go into a recipe, add an ingredient, and click enter. When I click enter the system searches for the closest "existing" ingredient. The is an issue because most of the tim...
Fintan OHara 5 months ago in Ingredients 0 Future Consideration

Allergens should be visible in View mode and on Print card

Currently, a user has to be logged in as an editor and click on the Nutrition tab to view Allergens, which need to be visible to ANYONE viewing a recipe
sergio Hernandez 9 months ago in  0

The ability to "pin" recipes to the top of a list or within a book

For within a book: prime or most frequently/important recipes could be accessed easily by end users. For within a list during recipe entry: it would be nice to pin a template or two to the top of the list for making easy copies.
Guest 9 months ago in  0 Accepted

Adding company name and product name to the nutrition label

We are trying to create a nutrition information master document of all of our items for our clients and being able to have the name of the item ON the label itself when sending would be helpful along with placing our logo somehwere!
Guest 5 months ago in Nutrition / User Interface (UI) 0 Future Consideration

The ability to PRINT a recipe with multiple scale batch sizes on a single page

This could print with columns along the left side ofthe page for 1x batch, 2x batch, 3x batch etc. instead of printing a new page for each of these batch size variations
Jen Walls 10 months ago in Printing 0

Ability to reset the numbered prep steps back to "1" whenever necessary.

More often than not people have steps in their recipes that shouldn't follow the sequential "1 - 2 - 3..." numbering system. There are often times 2 parts to a recipe and they can be separated by headers, but the numbers dont reset. File attached.
Fintan OHara 10 months ago in Prep Method / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

If a user enters a single line entry without an ingredient, do not process the line, prompt them to add their ingredient

Currently, if you write for example '1 cup' and press enter, then a new ingredient line is created and the ingredient text box is blank The problem is that the ingredient text box does not behave like single line entry i.e. if you type something l...
Josh Sharkey 10 months ago in Ingredients / Recipes 0 Accepted