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At meez we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you work in kitchens around the world, and we need your help. If you have ideas about how we can improve our platform, add new functionality, or solve challenges that you face in the kitchen, we'd love to hear from you. Please submit your idea(s) below for our product team to consider with future releases.

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Ability to add custom nutrition data to an ingredient in-app

Rather than filling out a form and waiting for someone in meez support to add the custom nutrition data to the ingredient by hand, the customer should be able to enter the custom nutrition data in the app themselves and have it automatically apply...
Gabe Ross 7 months ago in New Functionality / Nutrition 0 Accepted

Ability to reset the numbered prep steps back to "1" whenever necessary.

More often than not people have steps in their recipes that shouldn't follow the sequential "1 - 2 - 3..." numbering system. There are often times 2 parts to a recipe and they can be separated by headers, but the numbers dont reset. File attached.
Fintan OHara about 1 year ago in Prep Method / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Shelf life field on recipes should allow for user defined units

The units available for shelf life on recipes don't include "shift", "service", or other similar terms. Why not allow the user to define new units of time as needed?
Gabe Ross about 1 year ago in Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Keep Autosum and Yield separate as 2 different line items

The autosum is fantastic. But the yield of a cooked item will always be different from the total sum of the ingredients. I.E.- say a soup's ingredient adds to 1200g. But the yield after cooking will be 900g. It'd be great to see one line item as t...
Guest 8 months ago in Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Users should be able to select ingredients from the meez database like they're shopping for groceries

A lot of users come to meez with the preconceived notion that they should add ingredients first, then create recipes from their ingredients. We have a database of ingredients that they can pull from one-at-a-time, but maybe we can give them the op...
Doug Bermingham about 1 year ago in Import / Ingredients 0 Accepted

Display synonyms on ingredient detail page

Allow users to view the synonyms associated with ingredients in their account - under the "additional details" section.
Gabe Ross over 1 year ago in Enhancement / Ingredients 0 Accepted

Integration with POS Software - Foodics

If meez recipe is integrated with Foodics POS system via its apps marketplace, it would be very useful. As currently there is no such tool which does calories count along with detailed recipe management on Foodics.
Guest 8 months ago in Integrations 0 Accepted

Delete button - Clarify UI on recipes and books

Viewers have a "delete" button that is not grayed out within recipe books. If they try to delete anything, they will get the message "Recipe(s) cannot be deleted." It would be best if the delete button was grayed out instead of giving them an opti...
Alan Dyck 8 months ago in Security/Ownership / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Add an operator selection option to filter to select AND or OR

I want to list unused ingredients AND ingredients without cost. Currently filters use an OR operator. Would be a good thing to have the ability to AND filter conditions.
Guest 8 months ago in  0 Accepted

Users should have the option to include ingredient costs when sharing a recipe/sending a copy

Users should have the option to include ingredient costs when sharing a recipe/sending a copy
Mike Marriage over 1 year ago in Costing 0 Accepted