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User Interface (UI)

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The ability to set display order of locations in the drop down menu on the cost tab.

Currently, locations on the cost tab are displayed in the order of cost update (most recent at the top). It would be preferable to have the locations display in the same order they are listed on the concept page - or to allow the customer to deter...
Gabe Ross about 1 year ago in Costing / Security/Ownership / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

"select all" checkbox should select all the items in the list, not just what is loaded into the display window

Table pages (recipes, recipe books, docs, ingredients, new purchase items) show the total number of items on the button, but when you use the "select all" checkbox at the top of the list, only the items loaded into the display window are selected....
Gabe Ross 6 months ago in Docs / Ingredients / Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Include ingredient description and recipe comments in search function

The search function should include more of the places where customers put useful information. The ingredient description field is used to add purchasing info sometimes and the recipe comment feature would be more helpful if it were easier to find ...
Gabe Ross 7 months ago in Enhancement / Ingredients / Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Add a separate category of tags in addition to tools

If there were an explicit non-tool tag section to apply tags to recipes, that would make the tags more useful as a way to organize recipes.
Gabe Ross about 1 year ago in New Functionality / Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Stop sorting columns when you back out of a list.

Every time you make a selection, ingredient for example, when you return to the parent the list is no longer in the order you sorted before selecting the ingredient. Return to list in the order selected before selecting a list item.
Guest 8 months ago in Enhancement / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Paste images in image areas or drag and drop instead of upload a file

I have recipes with photos stored in PDF files. In order to bring image into Meez I have to copy the image from PDF and paste it in Paint and save as an image just to be able to upload into Meez.
Guest 8 months ago in Docs / Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Organizing Books & Recipes

It'd be helpful to reorganize Books and Recipes by drag and drop in the future. I would like to have my Meez recipes sequenced to match my menus.
Guest 8 months ago in Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Ingredients and Purchase Items should include a category code to allow for searching/sorting/filtering by ingredient type.

Adding a category code to all ingredients and incoming purchase items would allow users to sort and filter their ingredients and purchase items by type (such as meat, dairy, produce), rather than relying on just the name. It would also make it eas...
Gabe Ross about 1 year ago in Enhancement / Ingredients / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

"Hero" Photo at the top of the recipe should be a Carousel

Would like to be able to have multiple photos "featured" at the top of the recipe.
Sarah Hassler 10 months ago in Recipes / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted

Need help text on the "Add Pack Size" modal

Adding a pack size modal has no help text. This is a problem because I don't know what the modal is asking me to do. For instance, I added some help text to the screen shot attached.
Doug Bermingham 11 months ago in Costing / Ingredients / User Interface (UI) 0 Accepted