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Allow me to select recipes first, then export the recipes costs. Additionally, it does not include our sell price. If I take the time to enter it into the recipe, it should be included in the report.

Reporting: I have over 70 recipes, but I only want to look at a handful. It does not allow me to select recipes first....then export what I need. Additionally, it does not include our sell price. If I take the time to enter it into the recipe, it ...
Doug Bermingham 8 months ago in Costing / Export / Recipes 0 Accepted

Custom Report: Export Doc that gives all the Vendor IDs that have been mapped to a single ingredient

For each ingredient in the account, there is a record of the Item ID and vendor name. Not necessarily cost tied to it.
Guest 8 months ago in Export / Ingredients 0 Accepted

Run a report by Recipe Book

Would like to be able to run cost reports by recipe book, rather than the whole account.
Sarah Hassler 9 months ago in Export / Recipes 0 Accepted

Recipe export broken down by ingredient, supplier, item number, and quantity

an excel spreadsheet export format for each recipe that shows the ingredients used, supplier it's purchased from, item number, and quantity.
Guest 9 months ago in Export / Ingredients / Recipes 0 Accepted

Ingredient cost data should include location specific Vendor Name and Item ID

Currently, accounts with more than one location can only see the Vendor Name and Item ID from one of those locations on an ingredient's cost data - regardless of which location is selected. It is common for different locations to purchase from dif...
Gabe Ross 7 months ago in Costing / Export / Ingredients 1 Accepted

A combined report that shows recipe costs, with itemized ingredient list, and the respective costs of each ingredient within the recipe/plate.

Basically an export of the recipe costs, but with individual ingredient costs of said recipe included, so that the end-user can see each recipe's costs and how it's made up.
Doug Bermingham 11 months ago in Costing / Export / Ingredients / Recipes 0 Accepted

A combined recipe & ingredient cost export

We can currently see a recipe cost export, and an ingredient cost report, but what if people want to see their final recipe cost with the ingredient costs beneath it? Can we get a report for that?
Doug Bermingham 11 months ago in Costing / Export / Ingredients / Menu / Recipes 0 Accepted

Order list export should include the description field, Item ID# and vendor for each ingredient

The order list feature should include additional information for each ingredient, including any text in the description field, the Item ID# and the vendor name.
Gabe Ross 12 months ago in Export 0 Accepted

A user requesting an export should be able to choose what email address the export goes to.

Right now the export features will send the export to the account's email address. However, often times the email addresses are shared, or fake ( and the users don't have access. An improved solution is to give the exporter an o...
Doug Bermingham about 1 year ago in Export 0 Accepted

An export that gives the meez recipe in a format where chefs can copy the recipe and ingredient amounts and ingredient names to transfer to their team's production sheets.

The export should be in an excel format Our Chef's need the recipe in a format where they can copy the recipe and ingredient amounts, both oz and g amounts, and ingredient names to transfer to their team's production sheets. If these exports could...
Doug Bermingham 10 months ago in Export / Recipes 1 Accepted